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Ohmigosh. So much pizza.

Just fyi, Domino's pizza still blows, don't believe their ad campaign. However, CinnaSticks are pretty much manna from the gods, so I guess it evens out.

So...still no spacebar. I called again and they swear it'll be here by Friday *sob* (Yes, I am still copy-pasting all my spaces.)

I had to go in to do my re-employment assessment interview, which was a lot less painful than I had previously assumed. It was also largely en español (oh miami ilu ♥ ), but the woman explaining the forms was very easy to understand and explained everything clearly. So I don't totally fail at Spanish! I got some info on training classes as well, in case I need to like...change careers. Looks like they offer a lot of free computer certifications...

Between that, trolling for fic, and setting up my printer, it was pretty much a day! Now I must go kill time until White Collar.

Oh yeah! Also I wrote a fic over at my fic journal here. It's a Chuck fic~ People seem to like it, I'm really stoked. Was fun too. (Sorry Ali...still haven't finished that Bee/Sam. Please to not be killing me ;-;!!!) I have a general idea for an NCIS/Chuck crossover fic now, but it'll probably need to wait UNTIL I HAVE A SPACE BAR AGAIN AFSDAFDSASD;;;

In summary: Unemployment is boring, TV is stealing my life away, and I just ate a LOT of pizza. Cheers!
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