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Yuletide letter!

Greetings Yulegoat! Thanks so much for being my Yuletide buddy. Seriously, you're the best. You rock me like Amadeus. Baby.

I have typed a thing. Which is intended to help guide you. Please don't feel pressured or stressed to follow things to the letter or anything, I just thought this might help you judge what I was into and might enjoy in a Yuletide story. The fandom-specific things/themes are suggestions for things I love and you certainly don't have to follow all of them, though I admit I'd love it if you took them under advisement. <3

In general:

I like all things dark, ominous, suspenseful; I love humor that's well-integrated into a story. I have a thing for dysfunctional relationships, different cultures learning each others' ways, dark knights & paladins (and shipping these types together.) I love characters who are morally polarized and characters who blur the lines of morality. I love when good triumphs over evil, but good has to go through a lot of shit to get there. I like nearly everything; gen/slash/het/etc. I have a thing for xenokink, technology, transformation, mind control, falling to the Dark Side etc. When I ship two characters, I enjoy both platonic and romantic relationships, as it's the character interaction that's the most important thing to me.

Fandoms and Characters:

Tron: Alan and Tron

- Tron/Alan, Alan/Tron, Alan + Tron
- '82 era, or Legacy
- First time
- Xenophilia
- Different cultures/Anthropology (focus on program!culture)
- ~soulbond~
- circuitsex, Alan with circuits

I seriously love this pair. Getting to know each other, Alan's more reserved personality versus Tron's confidence and User-worship, and how they mesh...

DNW: Evil!Alan, rape, really sad endings. I'd prefer '82-era but if you'd rather Legacy!Alan I won't A BLOO BLOO BLOO. He's fine too.

Sigma Star Saga: Recker and Psyme, Commander Zelly

- Recker/Psyme, Recker + Psyme, Zelly/Recker or Zelly +Recker
- >_> Zelly/Psyme/Recker?
- What it feels like to have a symbiont
- Life in exile
- Bad end
- Xenophilia
- Intrigue, space politics
- Commander Zelly gets what Commander Zelly wants.

I love Recker and Psyme snarking at each other. Bad ends, Recker and Psyme as sole survivors on some desolate planet somewhere. I'd also love to see Recker playing good soldier to Commander Zelly.

DNW: Anything goes. I'm not real fond of Scarlett.

I forgot to edit this earlier - removed Xenogears to speed up matching. :( Next year!

Xenogears: Id and Fei

- Id, Fei, Id/Fei, Id + Fei
- self-love, self-hate
- giving in to your Id
- self-control, loss of control
- Id's aggression, Fei returning some of it
- Id putting the moves on Fei, who either hates it, or hates that he likes it
- Arguing with oneself

I'd love to see something like conversation between Id and Fei. Id being the devil on his shoulder, something like that. Evil seduction.

DNW: Go nuts. Consent optional. It's Id, after all.

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits: Kharg and Darc

- Darc, Kharg, Darc/Kharg, Kharg/Darc Darc + Kharg
- Two sides of the same coin
- Kharg is the one with a more Deimos personality
- Twincest
- Role reversal - Kharg on the run, Darc in a position of responsibility (postgame?)
- Darc has to save Kharg's ass — from the humans
- Darc, Kharg or both regrow their wings. Or turn full Deimos. Awwwwyeah.
- Wingkink, flight
- Rough play or rough sex
- Deimos are...different.

I love the relationship between these two, whether platonic or slash. Great rivals. I believe Kharg has a Deimos's heart in a human body, and Darc a human heart in a Deimos one. ...Still think they'd bare teeth at each other a lot.

DNW: Noncon (dubcon is okay), Kharg-bashing. He's a douche...and my favorite character. Wouldn't mind him getting taken down a peg though.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. I want you to have fun! Please don't hesitate to contact me anonymously or through Yuletide channels, etc. Thanks again! <3

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