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We have declared war on error.

[ random is resistance ]

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It's about time for a new bio. :o

Graphic designer and occasional illustrator, I love Photoshop, sf/fantasy, industrial music, and forensic shows. You may find me glued to my PC playing FFXI, digitally painting monsters, trapped on TVTropes, or reading fanfic. When not glued to my PC I enjoy baseball, politics, and taking apart my PC for revenge.

I am currently obsessed with: TRON, Burn Notice, Dexter, White Collar, and Storm Chasers. I have fallen out of love with Chuck recently, but still adore its fandom.

Basic layout? Expressions Draft Blue. Any dubious color decisions, strange header images, or broken CSS are totally my fault.
alan bradley, alan/tron, alucard, arc the lad, assemblage 23, atma weapon, bakura, baseball, behemoth, books, bryce/chuck, burn notice, burritos, cardian chains, castlevania, cats, cecil harvey, christianity, chuck, classic rock, climbing trees, clu, clu/rinzler, clu/sam, coldfire trilogy, covenant, crawlers, css, damien vryce, darc, deimos, demons, dexter, dexter/debra, dragaera novels, dragons, drawing, fanart, fanart hunting, fanfiction, fantasy, ff4, firefox, florida marlins, geckos, gerald tarrant, guilty gear, harry dresden, harry potter, hellsing, highlander, i hate internet explorer, ian recker, id, id/fei, industrial, integral hellsing, jak and daxter, jeremy soule, jesus, jin, jin/yuusuke, juan pierre, kain highwind, kain/cecil, kevin/alan, kharg, kharg/darc, krad/daisuke, ky kiske, larry kirkland, larry sizemore, larry/zane, marlins, mason gilroy, methos, michael westen, mike lowell, modest mouse, music, my console, mythology, obi-wan kenobi, obi/ani, paladins, parasite eve, pears, peter burke, peter/neal, pld/drk, plushies, poetry, psychology, quinlan vos, rafting, raistlin, ratatat, rinzler, rinzler/alan, rinzler/sam, rock and roll, saitou hajime, sam flynn, seraphic radiance, sesshoumaru, shadow hearts, shiny things, sidhe, sigma star saga, slash, sour gummi octopi, spider-man, star wars, subligar, the 80s, thunderstorms, tonberries, toushin yuusuke, tron, tsukiyono omi, twilight of the spirits, twister, video game music, video games, vlad taltos, vnv nation, white collar, xenogears, yami no matsuei, yaoi, youkai, young link, your mom, yu yu hakusho, yuri hyuga, z. randall stroope, zelda